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1 Victoria Road North
Southsea, England, PO5 1PL
United Kingdom


Design, Sign-writing and Handcrafted Decor



Dior Southsea

When we had the chance to create some poster designs for Dior we couldn't believe how lucky we were! Keeping it sleek and simple, very different to our usual style, we had so much fun working with the team to create this selection of professional promotional posters.

An Evening with the Neptune Girls and clothing

Evening with Neptune Girls poster.jpg

After creating the Neptune Girls' logo, we were so excited to design some posters and social media graphics for their next event. 

Looking for a glamorous yet fun 1920's burlesque-style poster we had a lot of designing to do. We used the pink from their logo to reflect the 'girly' elements of their group, with splashes of gold as a nod to the 1920's style. We wanted to bring the poster to life and give it more interest so added in an empowering female figure, reminiscent of the 1950's 'We Can Do It' poster.

I was really happy with the way all of these styles came together and Carly and the team absolutely loved the final outcome. Selling out their event in a short time, our poster definitely stood out, reflecting the girls perfectly. 

Pre-evening with the Neptune Girls-06.jpg
Evening with Neptune Girls-03.jpg

Shortly after designing these posters for the Neptune Girls they approached us again, asking for an exciting and sassy t-shirt design for their shows, and for them to sell as merch. 

We tried loads of different designs, going for a retro and girly feel, and both came to a conclusion that we wanted bold text with an 80's neon grid effect.

Pussy Lit T-Shirt designs-04.jpg
Pussy Lit T-Shirt designs new-06.jpg

Pandora's Jamboree Wedding Bonanza

After creating the logo for Pandora's Jamboree, they asked us to design a promotional flyer for their first wedding bonanza! 

We wanted elements of circus and carnival, but to avoid the over-used circus fonts and bright colours. I decided to go for muted blues and reds, with a lighter yellow to brighten the text. Using lots of exciting letter styles we created a page full of easy to read information, that stands out from regular wedding fair posters, representing the quirky personality of the event.

Greywell's 50th Celebration

greywell poster-01.jpg

We were asked to create this poster art for Greywell Shopping Centre in Leigh Park for their 50th Celebration.

Using friendly and eye-catching colours, using inspiration from festival line-up posters, we captured the whole weekend of celebrations into one poster. 

Love Southsea

Working as a resident designer and social media manager at Love Southsea for just over a year, Lauren created an impressive portfolio of design work. The public loved the artwork so much it was transformed into clothing, mugs, and tins, which can now be found at the monthly market.

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