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1 Victoria Road North
Southsea, England, PO5 1PL
United Kingdom


Design, Sign-writing and Handcrafted Decor



Pandora's Jamboree

We had so much fun creating branding concepts and logos for Pandora's Jamboree, a brand new non-profit organisation showcasing local talent, wedding and events suppliers.

Looking for something fun and circus-like, we decided to use an exciting combination of fonts and colours, as well as star motifs to add to the carnivalesque theme.

NM Lighting Design

When an old friend came to use looking for a logo for his new business we couldn't wait to get started, he was pretty keen on a large NM with a smaller 'Lighting Design' underneath.

Wanting professional branding for his lighting design business, we started off with a simple black and white colour scheme, along with a modern sans serif font. After going through a couple of stages of altering colour and letter style, we came to an agreement on a black background with bold black writing.

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Butser Farms

Wayne from Butser Farms had no clue where to start with branding and promotional materials, we stepped in and created simple and eye-catching banners for his sponsored events, and stickers for his tractors.

Neptune Girls

Working as a resident graphic and web designer for Team Locals, Lauren loved creating a logo for the awesome Neptune Girls. 

Looking for a girly, yet powerful logo to match the ethos of her group, Lauren went for sturdy geometric font and combined it with beach-inspired pinks and blues. 

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