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1 Victoria Road North
Southsea, England, PO5 1PL
United Kingdom


Design, Sign-writing and Handcrafted Decor



Super Duper Garage

One of my favourite pieces of furniture design, Super Duper Garage came to us looking to add decorations to their already awesome garage.

Using a second hand dark wood table, we completely stripped it back and re-painted it using the blue from their logo, and adding a rust effect using orange and brown paints. We also added metal banding along the edges to give an even more rustic effect. I then began to hand paint the logo, using high quality enamel paints to give a super neat and shiny finish.

Pat's Irish Bar

We were so excited to up-cycle this old dart board cabinet and give it a new lease of life. With an Irish Bar theme, we designed and hand-painted a personalised logo on the front, complete with bespoke blackboards. 

New York Docks

Hand-made from 100% recycled materials, these crates look great as a coffee or side table, and provide loads of storage too! New York Docks was one of our favourites, but they can be customised to your taste (we even made a bright pink one!)

Dog Bowl Crate

Turning the iconic retro soda crate into a practical yet quirky dog bowl, we love making these! Made from 100% reclaimed wood and hand-painted, these crates can be personalised to order, what about adding your furry little friend's name? 

Surf Wax Table

Surf Wax Table

One of our first commissions, we created this table a couple of years ago by fixing reclaimed wooden planks to a second hand table. Loving the colours of this design we couldn't wait to get started on hand painting this piece. Our client, a surfing fanatic, absolutely loved the piece.

The 'Henry' Crate

Made famous by the adorable little Henry, this crate design can be adapted to any style to match your home/shop space. Ensuring as many materials are recycled and reused as possible, all the crates are hand-painted and made to order.

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